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The town of Waynesboro is the perfect weekend for fall and a great place to explore the trails, ride a bike and enjoy the slow pace and charm of a small town.

Located in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, just a few miles west of Charlottesville, Waynesboro is a prime base for exploring. Several major attractions in and around the city are nearby, including the Appalachian Trail, Blue Ridge Parkway, Mount Vernon Park and humpback whales, to name a few. The possibilities for hiking and excursions are endless and all are only a short drive from the city center and the building of the state capital. Visitors can explore a piece of Civil War history that includes a large number of historic buildings, monuments, museums and other historical sites.

Blue Ridge Mountain Guides offers climbing tours, of course, and you will also find a wide selection of hiking and mountain biking trails, such as the Blue Ridge Trail. You can buy a discounted combined ticket to visit the caves first, but you can also buy discounted combined tickets to the Appalachian Trail, Mount Vernon Park and other attractions.

Part of Interstate 64 is within the city limits of Waynesboro and is a major intersection of the Blue Ridge Mountains, making it a popular destination for many who want to travel west. It is known as a well-known stop on the Appalachian Trail, where hikers can stop for rest and relaxation. There are many other attractions in the area, such as Mount Vernon Park and Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

If you want to explore other cities nearby, you can do so, as you would be in Washington, DC or even Virginia Beach within hours.

For those who want to travel the full length of Skyline Drive in one day, we recommend taking Interstate 81 North and then returning to Waynesboro. If you plan more time, you can extend your road trip and drive into Shenandoah National Park and follow historic Route 11. Another option is to drive the 64 miles from Lorton to Front Royal, Virginia, and drive to the Snowden exit. From there, take Route 11 south to the Snowden exit and follow it for the rest of the way.

On the Appalachian Trail through Rockfish Gap to the north, you will find the entrance to Shenandoah National Park just one mile from the trail.

The trail offers an area with huge rocks that are fun to explore and offer beautiful views of the mountains. From Mary Rock, one could see the usual view to the west, but also to the north to Shenandoah Ridge. In Skyland, the path hits the cliffs and offers beautiful views of the area as well as a huge rock that is fun to explore. There are some unique views in Shenendoah, and the changes you see and experience when you experience something new make it worthwhile to make the journey for the change of scenery and a new experience.

The charm of Waynesboro has been preserved, and its convenient location is an invigorating charm known as the Appalachian Trail Community, which characterizes the South River that runs through the heart of downtown. The Blue Ridge Parkway offers more activities and attractions than you can count, packed with hiking trails, picnic options, ranger-led programs and more. Location-wise, the city offers great views of the Shenandoah River and the mountains to the north and south, as well as beautiful views from Skyland. Just a few miles north of Shenendoah Ridge and a short drive from Blue Mountain Trail, Waynesborough offers travelers a rich cultural offering.

There are many wonderful scenic and historical things to do in Lexington, Virginia, read our review "Doing Fun Things in Staunton Virginia" to find a list of them.

Whichever way you get to Waynesboro, make sure you stop at the Rockfish Gap Tourist Information Center to see the historic city and its history. Visit Wayneboro provides a map of milestones, distances and difficulty levels detailed by the National Park Service and the Virginia Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection. But before we came to Waynesborough, we were interested in visiting the State Historic Park, Great Smoky Mountain State Park and other historic sites in and around the city. Visit Wayesboro and provide a list of milestones, routes, details by difficulty, details by milestones, distances or levels of difficulty.

With its historic sites and many activities, your trip to Waynesboro is worth every penny. Visit Wayesboro and visit Great Smoky Mountain State Park and other historic sites in and around the city, as well as State Historic Park.

In Waynesboro, Virginia, the gateway to the Shenandoah Valley, there are countless things to do, including the highway. The trip usually lasts two to three days, and Wayesboro is peppered with relaxation - which encourages campsites that offer the opportunity to change your trip to areas with - from - times, such as the Great Smoky Mountain State Park. Basic City Beer Co. takes hospitality to a new level by offering a variety of craft beers for sale and hiking the Appalachian Trail. This aqua excursion starts in Port Republic, north of Wayne, and can be equipped with a kayak, canoe, boat or even a boat from Shenandiah River Adventures for $10,000 or $20 per person.

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More About Waynesboro